Quick Start


Download and Build

Primary development platform is Linux with Clang 6.0+. Memoria uses CMake 3.6+ as a build system and provides some build scripts to simplify the build process. Memoria is using Vcpkg library manager, but does not require it if the environment already contains all required libraries.

First, download and build Memoria-specific version of Vcpkg:

# Assuming current folder is /home/guest/cxx
$ git clone https://github.com/victor-smirnov/vcpkg-memoria.git
$ cd vcpkg-memoria
$ git checkout memoria-libs
$ ./bootstrap-vcpkg.sh
$ ./vcpkg install boost icu 

After libraries are built, download and build Memoria with tests:

# Assuming current folder is /home/guest/cxx
$ git clone https://vsmirnov@bitbucket.org/vsmirnov/memoria.git
$ ./memoria/mkbuild/setup-vcpkg.sh
$ cd memoria-build
$ make -j6

When the build is finished, try:

$ cd memoria-build/src/tests-core/tests
$ ./tests2

To get available test options and configuration parameters:

$ ./tests --help

Usually tests take several minutes to complete.

See also QtCreator IDE Instructions for Linux and MacOS X.